Resume: Truck Driver

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Role applied for:

  • Operate and drive straight or articulated trucks to transport goods  and materials, primarily between B.C. and Alberta

Key considerations:

  • Does the candidate’s English language proficiency meet the essential skill requirements for this role?
  • The job requires a Class 1 License. Does the candidate have the appropriate license?
  • Is the candidate able to do long haul trips, often up to 3 weeks?

V. Pavlenko

601-928 Homer Street, Vancouver BC V6B 1T7
Mobile: 604.###.###
Email: ****


  • Offer 10 years of experience transporting consumer products and hazardous materials for various industries.
  • Experienced driving a broad range of commercial trucks that include 24″ stake, flatbed, and box trucks, 5 speed, 18-wheeler and vehicles with air brakes and repetitive dual hand controls.
  • Technically inclined with a proven ability to troubleshoot and repair minor vehicle operation problems.
  • Personable and professional with a strong customer service orientation and problem solving skills.
  • Accustomed to working under harsh weather conditions; easily lift and carry more than 50 pounds.

Language Proficiency

Challenge – The text in the resume is limited and/or highly technical making it difficult to determine the level of English. The candidate did not indicate their language proficiency; however they are working in a role that requires interactions with customers and suppliers. Should I assume they are proficient?

Solution – It is important to assess candidates against the level of language proficiency determined for the role. The candidate’s current role as a delivery driver in Canada indicates a certain level of conversational English. To operate and maintain heavy trucks a certain command of the technical language is also necessary. If a candidate does not indicate an objective measure of his/her language proficiency, you can request one. For suggestions on how to make a request go to: A language score is not provided on the new Canadian’s resume, what do I do?

Employment History

Select Pizza, Surrey, BC                                                                                   2012

Delivery Driver


• On-time delivery to customers

• Customer service and sales support

• Pick up and delivery of supplies for the kitchen

ZENAL Limited, Odessa, Ukraine                                                                      2009 – 2012

Truck Driver


• Operate an 18-wheeler to transport building materials, averaging 50 stops daily and 4 monthly long hauls.

• Assist with load and unloading of product at warehouse using a Pallet Jack and forklift.

Allied Transport Services, Odessa, Ukraine                                                     2005 – 2008

Truck Driver


• Operated a semi-trailer to transport finished goods, parts and materials, averaging 120 stops per week.

• Loaded and unloaded product on and off trailers by hand and with the assistance of a forklift.

Country Fresh Foods, Odessa, Ukraine                                                             2002 – 2004

Stock Delivery Driver


• Managed a sales route with 80 regular stops that included convenience stores and petrol stations and independent supermarkets, spanning urban and rural communities.

International Experience

Challenge – While the role titles and job duties appear to indicate the right level of experience, there is no detail provided to explain what the candidate accomplished in each role/their level of performance. What should I do?

Solution – New Canadians may modify their resumes to fit the advice they have received in-person or online (e.g. have you heard the advice “keep it to no more than one page”). Consider this before discounting the candidate.

If the role titles and job duties outlined match the requirement for the role, consider a phone interview to determine if the candidate should proceed to the next level in the recruitment process. The intent of the phone interview is to address aspects of the candidate’s experience not evident from the resume. I am not familiar with the organizations listed, let alone their reputations, and the role titles are confusing. Should I screen this person out?

Education Qualifications

Higher School Certificate

№84 uchebno-vospitatelnyy kompleks

Kiev, Ukraine

Graduated: December 2000

Academic Credentials

Challenge – I am unfamiliar with these academic institutions. Most Canadian drivers also possess some post-secondary education. How can I assess the credibility of the education?

Solution – First, determine if the educational credential is essential to the role. If it is and it appears that the candidate is otherwise qualified for the role, you can ask the individual to have the credentials assessed. There are a variety of credential assessment services that are available. They are listed on the Assessing Academic Credentials page.

If you would like suggestions about how to make the request of this candidate, visit: Can I request that a candidate has his/her academic credentials assessed? 

Hobbies / Interests

Playing and watching team sports like soccer and hockey,

I also coach my son’s under 8s soccer team


References available on request

Additional Certificates

Dec 2003          Medium Rigid licence  MREV#2

Nov 2002           Forklift Licence Inter-regional District Examination Department (MREV) #2

Professional Credentials

Challenge – Truck drivers need a Class 1 driving license and there is no indication that the candidate is licensed. Otherwise, the candidates seems like they may be qualified for the position. How do I proceed?

Solution – If the rest of the resume appears to indicate a strong candidate, contact the candidate and inquire about the status of licensure in Canada.

For suggestions on how to frame your discussion with the candidate, three potential candidate responses and your next steps based on the responses, check out: The position I am hiring for needs a license but the candidate has not specified if they are licensed in Canada, how do I approach the situation?