How to Retain Talent

Onboarding Newcomers: Toolkits for Employers

IEC-BC helps employers effectively connect with immigrant talent.

Employer Tip Sheets: Onboarding Refugees

A series of tip sheets aimed to help employers in their efforts to hire, onboard and retain refugees are now available from IEC-BC.

WEBINAR – Maximizing your Return on Inclusion: Onboarding Refugees

On November 16, 2016, IEC-BC hosted “Maximizing your Return on Inclusion: Onboarding Refugees,” featuring speaker Christian Codrington, Forum HCM, and moderated by IEC-BC’s Natalia Angheli-Zaicenco.

How to Effectively Create a Welcoming Workplace and Successfully Integrate New Employees

In this video, created in partnership with BC HRMA, you will how to effectively create a welcoming workplace and successfully integrate new employees.

IEC-BC Webinars

IEC-BC regularly offers free webinars to provide additional learning opportunities to employers and boost their capacity to find, hire and retain skilled immigrant talent.

Integrating and Retaining International Trained Workers

Watch this video to learn what it takes to integrate and retain internationally trained workers provided by Canadian Foundation for Economic Education – Potential to Prosperity

How to Prepare for a Diverse Workforce

Watch this video to learn what preparations are needed to create diversity in the workplace provided by Canadian Foundation for Economic Education – Potential to Prosperity

How to Create a Culturally Inclusive Work Environment

This tip sheet offers strategies to help seamlessly integrate new immigrants into your organization, foster a stronger corporate culture, reduce turnover, and tap into a new world of ideas.

A Manager’s Guide to Reasonable Accommodation

“In the employment context, reasonable accommodation refers to the steps an employer must take to modify employment requirements, rules or policies that would otherwise be considered to be discriminatory under the Code.

Immigrant-Friendly Businesses: Effective Practices for Attracting, Integrating, and Retaining Immigrants in Canadian Workplaces

This report looks at how businesses across Canada can attract, integrate, and retain immigrants and international talent.

Hiring and Retaining Skilled Immigrants: A Cultural Competence Toolkit – Screening Tool

The Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of British Columbia& Yukon (formerly HRMA) provides a useful, printable toolkit called Hiring and Retaining Skilled Immigrants: A Cultural Competence Toolkit which includes a Screening Tool.

Tools for Providing Support

By using the following strategies to support your new staff member, you can help her or him integrate and get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Improve English Skills

You’ve secured your immigrant talent; now how do you make the most of your new hire?

Making mentorship work at Telus – A conversation with Cindy LaPorte

TELUS is Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, with more than 43,000 employees.

Mentoring helps new Canadian land prime job

When Olga Metelscaia emigrated from Eastern Europe she fully expected to find work as an engineer.

WEBINAR – Unlocking Employment Barriers to Leverage Global Talent

On June 29, 2016, IEC-BC hosted a webinar with Uzma Shakir, Director, Equity, Diversity and Human Rights Division, with the City of Toronto, and Christian Codrington, Principal at FORUM HCM in Vancouver.

WEBINAR – Leadership Development through Mentoring

On June 2, 2015, IEC-BC hosted a webinar, Leadership Development through Mentoring.