Resume: Heavy Duty Mechanic

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Role applied for:

  • Heavy Duty Mechanic is a member of the Maintenance Team that needs to perform various maintenance requirements to maximize uptime, quality & production.

Key considerations:

  • Does the candidate’s English language proficiency meet the essential skill requirements for this role?
  • The job requires relevant certification. Not clear from resume if candidate is certified in Canada/BC.
  • Is the candidate able to work in difficult weather conditions?

Mr. Ahmed Abdul Azir

### ### Ave, Surrey, BC, X6Y ###


A very competent and technical minded individual enthusiastic to employ skills in machinery repair and maintenance in order to arrange smooth flow of mechanics within the company.

Key Qualifications

  • Over seven years of experience working as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  • Highly skilled in operating and inspecting machines to decipher defects
  • Hands on experience in dismantling and reassembling using hand tools and hoists
  • In depth knowledge of welding and performing maintenance tasks
  • Commercial Driver’s License


  • High School Diploma – 2004
  • Forklift certification (current)
  • ASE Certification (current)

Academic Credentials

Challenge – Most Canadian mechanics also possess some post-secondary education. How can I assess the credibility of the education?

Solution – First, determine if the educational credential is essential to the role. If it is and it appears that the candidate is otherwise qualified for the role, you can ask the individual to have the credentials assessed. There are a variety of credential assessment services that are available. They are listed on the Assessing Academic Credentials page.

 If you would like suggestions about how to make the request of this candidate, visit: Can I request that a candidate has his/her academic credentials assessed?

Professional Credentials

Challenge – There is no indication that the candidate is certified in this trade in the BC/Canada. Otherwise, the candidate seems like they may be qualified for the position. How do I proceed?


If the rest of the resume appears to indicate a strong candidate, contact the candidate and inquire about the status of licensure in Canada.

For suggestions on how to frame your discussion with the candidate, three potential candidate responses and your next steps based on the responses, check out: The position I am hiring for needs a license but the candidate has not specified if they are licensed in Canada, how do I approach the situation?


Work Experience

Warehouse Staff, Canadian Tire, Surrey, BC

  • Load, unload and move products and materials by hand or with basic material handling equipment.
  • Operate a variety of equipment to load, unload and move materials and products.
  • Pick orders and stock, Make labels and attach to goods.
  • Wrap goods, Pack and unpack goods, Sort goods, Stack goods.
  • Maintain and organize inventory.
  • Operate computerized inventory control systems

Language Proficiency

Challenge – The text in the resume is limited and/or highly technical making it difficult to determine the level of English. Should I assume they are proficient?

Solution – It is important to assess candidates against the level of language proficiency determined for the role. To perform maintenance on heavy equipment a certain command of the technical language is also necessary. If a candidate does not indicate an objective measure of his/her language proficiency, you can request one. For suggestions on how to make a request go to: A language score is not provided on the new Canadian’s resume, what do I do?


Work Experience Cont’d

Heavy Equipment Mechanic | Jan 2005 – Sep 2012


  • Inspected machines to diagnose defects
  • Troubleshoot defects and provide preventive maintenance
  • Replaced defective engines as required
  • Tested overhauled equipment to insure operating efficiency
  • Welded broken parts and structural assemblies
  • Diagnosed source of trouble and determine extent of repairs needed

International Experience

Challenge – While the role titles and job duties appear to indicate the right level of experience, there is no detail provided to explain what the candidate accomplished in each role/their level of performance. What should I do?

Solution – New Canadians may modify their resumes to fit the advice they have received in-person or online (e.g. have you heard the advice “keep it to no more than one page”). Consider this before discounting the candidate.

If the role titles and job duties outlined match the requirement for the role, consider a phone interview to determine if the candidate should proceed to the next level in the recruitment process. The intent of the phone interview is to address aspects of the candidate’s experience not evident from the resume. I am not familiar with the organizations listed, let alone their reputations, and the role titles are confusing. Should I screen this person out?


Additional Skills

  • Excellent technical and mechanical skills
  • Able to perform complex mechanical tasks
  • Demonstrated ability to follow written and  verbal communications
  • Ability to employ safe mechanical practices
  • Exceptional communication and organizational skills