Resume: Marketing Manager

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Role applied for:

  • A Marketing Manager role in a mid size online gaming company in the Greater Vancouver. The role manages a team of 4.

Key considerations:

  • Does the candidate’s English language proficiency support them to meet essential skill requirements, particularly necessary to motivate and provide direction to a team?
  • Is the experience of the candidate appropriate to contributing expertise leading execution on the marketing strategy, and leading a team?

Lei H.

601-### Homer Street Vancouver, BC V6B ###
604.###.### Birthdate:


With proven record about turning consumer insight into business opportunity to drive growth and profitability. Been through whole Product Life Cycle experience and strategy in different stages. More than 10 years of experience and knowledge in proposition generation, product creation and market introduction in order to ensure the success of business. Highly energized, with strong presentation and communication skills.

Language Proficiency

Challenge – There are grammatical challenges in the resume summary that make it clear that English is this candidate’s second language. There are no language scores on the resume. This may result in skepticism that the candidate will be able to communicate well with a team.

Solution – First stop and consider the level of language proficiency required for the role. While the use of the English language is not perfect on the resume, the grammatical errors are small and do not impede meaning. The full intent is easy to understand overall. To ease any concerns about verbal proficiency a short phone screening can provide you with an indication of ability.

If resistance to the candidate still exists due to language proficiency, request that the candidate provide a language proficiency score. Find a list of potential assessments on the Assessing Language Proficiency page. If you would like suggestions about how to make the request of this candidate, see the challenge heading: A language score is not provided on the New Canadian’s resume, what do I do?


Senior Manager, Consumer Marketing Manager at Johnson & Johnson
August 2011 – Present

Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications at Li & Fung Limited
February 2010 – August 2011

Manager, Product Manager at BenQ
April 2009 – February 2010

Business Line Manager, Europe Regional Office at Panasonic
August 2006 – December 2008

International Experience

Challenge – While the role titles appear to indicate the right level of experience, there is no detail provided to explain what the candidate did / accomplished in each role.

Solution – New Canadians may modify their resumes to fit advice that they have received in person or online (e.g., have you ever heard the advice “keep it to no more than a page”?). Consider this before discounting the candidate.

If the role titles appear to match the position posted, consider conducting a phone screening to determine if the candidate should proceed to the next level of the interview process. The intent of the phone screening is to address those aspects of the resume review process that the resume does not address. I am not familiar with the organizations listed, let alone their reputations, and the role titles are confusing. Should I screen this person out?

Professional Credentials

Challenge – Marketing is not a regulated profession. That being said, there are various voluntary certifications available through the Canadian Marketing Association. You have a learning focused organization and would like the candidate to have a designation that indicates their commitment to both ongoing learning and the profession. The resume does not indicate any of these credentials.

Solution – Consider what you are really trying to assess. As Marketing is a non-regulated profession there is no legal requirement for candidates to hold certification. If your organization is committed to ongoing learning and would like to assess the candidate’s commitment to their development in the profession, consider other ways that candidates may demonstrate this requirement (e.g., continuing professional development through various professional and / or post secondary institutions, involvement in a mentoring relationship, etc.). Make a demonstrated commitment to the profession and development a requirement for the role, rather than specific Canadian certifications. As such things may not be listed on the resume, primary assessment is likely to come through the interview process.


Fu Jen Catholic University
Master, Management Administration, 1996 – 1998

Chang Gung University
bachelor, mathematics, 1992 – 1996

Academic Credentials

Challenge – Unfamiliarity with an institution may result in pre-judgments or questioning of the credibility of the education.

Solution – First, determine if the educational credential is essential to the role. If it is and the resume appears to be that of an otherwise qualified candidate, ask the individual to have his / her credentials evaluated. There are a variety of services that can be accessed for this purpose, and they are listed on the Assessing Academic Credentials page.

If you would like suggestions about how to make the request of this candidate, see the Assessing Academic Credentials page, under the challenge heading: Can I request that a candidate has his / her academic credentials assessed? Who pays for a candidate’s academic credential assessment?



  • English (Professional working proficiency)
  • Mandarin (Native)