Resume: Operations Manager

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Role applied for:

  • An operations management role for an oil and gas company for operations in BC and / or Alberta (depending on projects).

Key considerations:

  • Does the candidate have the education / credentials deemed appropriate for the role?
  • Is the experience of the candidate appropriate for the role?
  • Is the candidate able to move?

Rodrigo S.

555-970 124th Street, Richmond, BC


I am a seasoned professional with over 20 years experience in management and supervisory roles in various areas of the oil and gas industry. I have a strong background in field operations with a full understanding of operations and financial performance measures. I am able to successfully work in any community by effectively working with others to navigate cultural, political and economic differences. I am willing to travel.

Expertise = Process Engineering, LNG and Compression Plant Operations, Artificial Lift and Surface Facilities Operations and Maintenance, Plants Automation, Health, Safety and Environment, Gas and Oil Measurement, Treatment of Oil, Gas and Water, Well Drilling, Well Service and Rehabilitation, Design and Administration of Natural Gas Contracts, Formulation and Control of Budgets, Formulation and Control of Business Plans, Evaluation of Financial Reports

Most Recent Relevant Work Experience

Manager of Operations (West)
Venezuela Oil & Gas Co from January 2010 – February 2012

  • Lead the meetings with western production, to establish the monthly crude and gas production objectives to establish the program of sales and guaranty the fulfillment of contracts with the refinery division and international clients
  • Represent the Western Division at strategic level meetings; playing a key role in planning and role out to the division
  • Oversight of tank yards, terminals for crude oil and products dispatch, crude oil and gas pipelines, and more than 600 points of petroleum and gas measurement in the Western Division.
  • Formulation and execution of the operation and investment budgets, justifying any deviation or revision
  • Analyzed weekly production and all events and actions that may have impacted production

Operations Manager
Venezuela Oil & Gas Co from December 2009 – December 2010 

  • Oversight of all activities related to production operation, surface maintenance, facilities construction at the La Copa Field.
  • Formulation and execution of the annual operation budget, justifying any deviation or revision for the field
  • Participation in the directive meetings for the Western Division, including providing input through to the organization’s Strategic Planning efforts
  • Ongoing tracking and management using a Balance Scored Card model
  • Supervision of 75 collaborators (both professional and labourers).

Production Operation Superintendent
Brazil Oil & Gas from March 2007 – December 2009 

  • Oversight of all activities related to transporting oil and gas at surface from the wellhead to sales point.
  • Oversight of all activities related to management of the gas compression plant.
  • Formulation and execution of the annual operation budget, justifying any deviation or revision
  • Prepare and describe the technical demands to the contract’s services such as: gas compression service, hotoil and labs.
  • Supervision of 30 collaborators (both professional and labourers).

Leader of processes and infrastructure of Natural Gas Plants
Venezuela Oil & Gas Co from January 2005 – May 2006

  • Coordinate a team of engineers to evaluate Natural Gas compression modules and plants for gas processing and extraction of Natural Gas Liquids
  • Oversee the execution of the Investments budget for gas compression and processing plants.
  • Coordinate the engineering team support for the execution of major gas infrastructure projects and major plant shutdowns
  • Coordinate the monitoring of the performance indicators of the Gas Plant Management
  • Lead the investigation of industrial accidents
  • Lead the attention of complaints from the organizations of Crude Oil Production, Refinery, Petrochemical and external clients by inefficiencies in the gas compression and distribution systems and Natural Gas Liquids infrastructure.

International Experience

Challenge – The candidate is currently in Canada and has been employed in un-related work that is far below the complexity and income level of their previous roles (which do appear to demonstrate a strong fit for the position). Is the candidate not good enough to meet our Canadian standards? I am not familiar with the organizations listed, let alone their reputations, and the role titles are confusing. Should I screen this person out?

Solution – Before discounting the candidate due to their Canadian experience, their relevant experience prior to their arrival in Canada should be considered.

Further, there are a number of factors that may impact current employment circumstances. If the candidate is seeking to work in a regulated profession or in a role that requires a specific credential, he or she may be in the process of having their credentials assessed for Canadian equivalency.

Looking at the Canadian experience in more detail, it appears as though the candidate began working and contributing to their new community through volunteering as soon as they arrived, committing to several roles at once. This could be interpreted to show a number of things including drive to feel purpose in the day, commitment to meeting others in the community, etc.

The focus at the resume screening stage is to determine if the candidate meets the requirements to proceed to the next stage of the resume screening process. This should be done based on the overall resume, not just the work experience in Canada.

Local Volunteer & Work Experience

Customer Service Associate; Home Depot
March 2012 – Present in Vancouver, BC

  • Providing customer service and sales support

Spanish Tutor
March 2012 – Present throughout the Lower Mainland, BC

  • Providing customer service and sales support

<p”>Canadian Red Cross
March 2012 – Present throughout the Lower Mainland, BC

  • Volunteer providing campaign support as possible


  • Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín; Business Management, Management – 2004 – 2006
  • Universidad del Zulia; Bachelor in Mechanical Engineer, Engineering – 1989 – 1997

Academic Credentials

Challenge – I am unfamiliar with these academic institutions. How can I assess the credibility of the education?

Solution – First, determine if the educational credential is essential to the role.

If it is and the resume appears to be that of an otherwise qualified candidate, ask the individual to have his / her credentials evaluated. There are a variety of services that can be accessed for this purpose, and they are listed on the Assessing Academic Credentials page.

If you would like suggestions about how to make the request of this candidate, go here: Can I request that a candidate has his / her academic credentials assessed? Who pays for a candidate’s academic credential assessment?

Professional Credentials

Challenge – Operations managers in this industry typically have moved up the corporate ladder and hold a professional designation in a related area such as engineering. This individual does not. Should I screen them out?

Solution – First, determine if the professional credential is essential to the role. At the management level, what is the appropriate balance of technical expertise and management expertise required? Is the credential required to sign off on specific tasks, or will this be done by others? Examine the resume in light of these questions.


  • English (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • Spanish (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • Portuguese (Native or bilingual proficiency)

Academic Credentials

Challenge – There are minor language errors in the resume but overall the candidate’s use of the English language appears strong, but did the candidate write their own resume? Do we need check language proficiency?

Solution – It is important to assess candidates against the level of language proficiency determined for the role. The candidate’s current role as a customer service representative in Canada indicates a certain level of conversational English. As an operations manager in the oil and gas industry, a command of the technical language for the field is also necessary. Examine the resume for use of such language / reference to roles that would require such language. If you still have questions, consider how questions in a phone or in-person interview could be used to determine if the appropriate level of technical language expertise is present.