As countries vie for the brightest and the best, skilled immigrants are a sought- after talent pool. BC businesses and industries must work together to take bold, decisive steps to close the skills and labour gap – seeing immigrants as part of the solution. Our programs offer BC employers cost-effective and workable solutions helping them gain a competitive advantage in today’s global talent marketplace.


Learn about our program that brings together skilled immigrants and established professionals in occupation-specific mentoring relationships.


Find out how this free, comprehensive set of online tools and resources helps skilled immigrants become better prepared for work in Canada, and connects employers with internationally trained workers.

BC JobConnect

BC JobConnect is a customized online tool connecting BC employers to job-ready newcomers.  This easy-to-use website provides a platform for job-seekers to showcase their skills, education and work experience, and present their profiles and resumes to BC employers looking for workers. Services offered to both the employers and the job-seekers are free.

Mapping Refugee Skills and Employer Needs in Surrey and Abbotsford

The Mapping Refugee Skills and Employer Needs in Surrey and Abbotsford project is an IEC-BC initiative, which identifies the occupational skills and experience of refugees who are currently based in Abbotsford and Surrey and engages employers in those communities to understand their labour needs better.