Onboarding Newcomers: Toolkits for Employers

IEC-BC helps employers effectively connect with immigrant talent. These Toolkits help employers create a welcoming and inclusive workplace and provide practical steps to successfully integrate new employees. The toolkits help employers increase productivity by outlining easy-to-implement human resource strategies to hire and retain global talent.

Onboarding Afghan Refugees: A Toolkit for BC Employers

The purpose of this toolkit is to assist British Columbia employers to effectively recruit, hire, onboard and retain a diverse workforce that includes Afghan refugees. To effectively create a welcoming and inclusive workplace and successfully integrate new employees who can contribute productively, employers can find the most success with a planned approach that follows practical steps.

We encourage you to share this IEC-BC product with your network or replicate it to suit your needs, however, please ensure that any versions of the product are attributed to IEC-BC.

Onboarding Afghan Refugees Toolkit ENGLISH

Onboarding Newcomers: A Toolkit for BC Employers

This Toolkit includes sections on employer branding and sourcing talent, as well as on ways to address unconscious biases and assess candidates’ competencies. It provides tips and recommendations on supporting diversity in language and accommodating special requests. It also discusses the steps that are necessary to create a sense of belonging for the new employees. A Religious Observances Calendar included in the new publication features religious holidays’ dates, general practices and accommodations for April 2018 – March 2019.

Onboarding Newcomers Toolkit ENGLISH

Onboarding Newcomers Toolkit FRENCH

Onboarding Refugees: A Toolkit for BC Employers

Onboarding Refugees: A Toolkit for BC Employers  was produced to assist BC Employers to more effectively recruit, hire, onboard and retain a diverse workforce that includes refugees. Based on the popular Onboarding Syrian Refugees Toolkit, the new publication has been expanded to include additional tips, guidelines and best practices from BC employers who have successfully onboarded refugees.

The new Toolkit also provides background information about key source countries of refugees to BC, along with a snapshot of current efforts aimed to provide coordinated, cross-sectoral support to resettle refugees in BC.

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Onboarding Refugees: A Toolkit for Canadian Employers

This resource is available for Canadian employers looking to recruit, hire, onboard and retain a diverse workforce that includes refugees. Onboarding Refugees: A Toolkit for Canadian Employers provides clear information, guidelines, along with the best practices and tips for implementing successful onboarding practices in multiple workplace environments, including construction and hospitality, which have unique needs and practices unlike typical office environments. As well, profiles of refugees to Canada from five top source countries for 2015-2016 – Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Democratic Republic of the Congo – are provided.

Onboarding Syrian Refugees: A Toolkit for Employers

Onboarding Refugees: A Toolkit for Employers  is designed to increase employers’ knowledge of culturally sensitive hiring and retention practices, as well as boost their ability to create more inclusive workplaces. The Toolkit offers information, guidelines, best practices and tips for successful onboarding strategies and tactics in multiple workplace environments. And while the focus is on Syrian refugees, many of the resources from the Toolkit can be applied to any newcomer group.

Major highlights include suggestions on how to prepare your workforce to welcome refugees, create a welcome and safe environment, offer reasonable accommodation measures and provide language support. The publication also includes a series of “how-to’s” on conducting culturally sensitive interviews, setting effective mutual expectations, establishing a buddy system, as well as the best practices for communicating and providing feedback.