How to Create a Culturally Inclusive Work Environment

This tip sheet offers strategies to help seamlessly integrate new immigrants into your organization, foster a stronger corporate culture, reduce turnover, and tap into a new world of ideas.

How to Assess Skills and Negotiate Competencies

In this  tip sheet we provide you with some ideas on how to assess experience, skills and competencies of skilled immigrants easily and effectively.

Tips on Finding Immigrant Talent

This Tip Sheet on Finding Immigrant Talent provides ideas, skills and resources to attract and recruit immigrant talent.

Tips on Hiring Immigrant Talent

Now that you’ve found your immigrant candidates, how do you easily assess their resumes? Interview them? Check their references? Offer them the job?

Tips for Screening Resumes

Below are tips on screening resumes that will help in the assessment of new immigrant applications.

Assessing Professional Credentials

Why review professional credentials?

Assessing Language Proficiency

Why test language proficiency?

Assessing International Experience

Why assess international experience?

Assessing Academic Credentials

Why assess academic credential equivalency?