Annual Reports

In July 2014, IEC-BC made the transition from being a program of Vancouver Foundation, which incubated the Council in 2008, to become an independent not-for-profit society. This evolution is a reflection of the strong programming provided by the organization in helping employers and communities access and integrate the full range of skills that trained immigrants bring to British Columbia.

2016-2017 Annual Report

In 2016-2017, IEC-BC worked to empower BC businesses to succeed in attracting global talent and reaching new markets. We developed innovative tools, resources and nimble solutions – all with a view to maximizing these diversity benefits. And we made sure that our programs and initiatives look at the whole continuum – from targeted pre-arrival supports, to effective ways of connecting employers to new Canadians once they land here.

We invite you to find out more about our journey, as well as the unique approaches and perspectives of those change-makers who help us achieve our vision of BC employers growing and prospering by fully using immigrant talent.

 2015-2016 Annual Report

2015-2016 was a year of inspiration and innovation, a year of identifying new strategies and developing new business models – all with a view to helping British Columbia employers effectively connect with immigrant talent and stay ahead of the curve. On this journey, we were inspired and helped by the many employers, industry associations, immigrant settlement agencies, Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs), community leaders, and other stakeholders we have had the privilege to work with. We received the financial support of our funder, the Government of Canada, and we were very fortunate to benefit from the talents and commitment of IEC-BC’s staff.

Responding to the year’s challenges required leadership and innovation, and IEC-BC piloted cutting-edge projects, forged new partnerships, and served as a catalyst for change – in both attitudes and practices. Throughout the year, we engaged with our key stakeholders to identify strategies to effectively leverage the potential of the skilled immigrant labour force in BC, unlock hiring biases and remove barriers to the employment of global talent in the Province.

2014-2015 Annual Report

By any measure, 2014-15 was a milestone year for IEC-BC. One of our proudest accomplishments during the 2014-2015 fiscal year was our success in facilitating dialogue and networking opportunities among skilled immigrants, employers, community agencies and other partners needed to help employers overcome barriers to tap into the immigrant talent pool.

Our one-day summit Mind The Gap – Winning Global Talent for BC’s Continued Prosperity set the stage for 2014/1015 by bringing together more than 80 business, industry, government and community leaders to identify strategic immigrant workforce development practices needed to address the looming shortage of skilled workers in BC. Over this fiscal year, IEC-BC held numerous workshops, round-tables and events to keep the conversation going and encourage like-minded partners to explore opportunities and develop innovative solutions to create diverse, inclusive workplaces that improve labour force participation by qualified immigrants.