Places to Advertise Job Openings

The following are places employers can advertise job openings.  Wherever you decide to post, be sure to keep the language simple (avoid jargon) and make the posting as welcoming to new immigrants as possible. For suggestions on how to put together your job ad, or for other ideas about places where to find new immigrant employees, check out Tips on Finding Talent and Tip Sheet 2: Where to Post a Job Vacancy

BC JobConnect

BC JobConnect is an easy-to-use online tool connecting BC employers to job-ready newcomers to fill the gaps of their workforce and build a diverse and inclusive workplace.  Employers can access an untapped talent pool and perform specific candidate searches using various search parameters. The platform provides newcomers in province then opportunity to showcase their skills, education and work experience. Services offered to both the employers and the jobseekers are free.

Immigrant Service Providers

There are immigrant service organizations in communities throughout BC that have large networks of immigrant talent, and some of these have job boards and offer job posting services. For a list of these organizations, check out Organizations that provide screened, job-ready candidates.


WorkBC is a site where BC employers can post job openings in general, not just for new immigrants. To ensure your applicant pool is as large as possible, be sure to avoid jargon and use simple to understand English.  Since August 2012, jobs posted here  have also been published on Job Bank, which is HRSDC/Service Canada’s job posting site (but be sure to check the Job Bank website to make sure that arrangement hasn’t changed).

Ethnic Media

Ethnic media can be a great place to advertise – even new immigrants with perfect English read it for news from home.

Mainstream Media

Mainstream media is also an excellent place to advertise for new immigrant talent.  Free daily or weekly papers (i.e., free for people to buy, not free to advertise) can be especially good, depending on the job in question.  Trade publications can also be good places to advertise, as can online job posting sites and even Craigslist.  Just remember to keep the English simple and welcoming – perhaps consider including a sentence in a foreign language or say “second language an asset”.