BC JobConnect

BC JobConnect is a customized online tool connecting BC employers to job-ready newcomers. This easy-to-use website is designed to help employers fill their workforce needs while offering newcomers in BC an effective way to showcase their talents and gain meaningful employment.

BC JobConnect is not your average “Job Board.” It does not involve posting of opportunities by employers and endless sifting through applications. Instead, BC JobConnect enables employers to identify candidates of interest, based on flexible, multi-parameter key word searches and candidates’ profiles and supporting documentation.

This online platform is open to all newcomers, who have lived in Canada for less than five years, as well as to individuals who have been pre-approved to immigrate and have completed IEC-BC’s FAST Program. It is designed for job seekers who have the necessary supports in place to enable them to work.

IEC-BC’s goal is to create a ‘go-to’ site for BC employers seeking to fill specific roles and build diverse and inclusive workplaces. BC JobConnect is designed to help newcomers find employment and connect businesses to an untapped talent pool in a coordinated, efficient, and effective way.

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