BC Leading the Country in Employment and New Business Growth

British Columbia has become one of the bright spots in the country’s post-pandemic recovery. BC has added over 100,000 full-time jobs in the last year.

According to data collected by Statistics Canada, cities in British Columbia have some of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada. Vancouver, Victoria, and Abbotsford-Mission all had unemployment rates below the Canadian average of 5.8%. Kelowna was the only city in British Columbia with an employment rate recorded by Statistics Canada higher than the Canadian average at 6.7%.

Currently, there are 152,083 active businesses in British Columbia. This is more than 4,000 additional businesses operating than before the pandemic.

The new business growth observed in British Columbia becomes more impressive considering that nationally, overall, there are fewer enterprises than there were in February 2021. Almost 1 in 5 active Canadian organizations are now located in BC.

Infographics IEC-BC has developed include the future of immigrant employment in BChighlighting the job growth BC is expected to see in the next decade and the impact of IEC-BC’s programs.

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