2016 Employer Forum: Unlock Bias, Leverage Global Talent

“Corporate workforces are becoming global, but talent management is not keeping pace.” – EY, 2012

Talent has always been important, but now it must become an inseparable part of business strategy. Employers, particularly in the technology and science occupations and manufacturing sector, are experiencing critical labour and skills shortages. Geared toward HR professionals and hiring managers, the 2016 Employer Forum covered strategies, resources and practical tools that help employers compete for and retain skilled talent in a global market.

Keynote speaker Laraine Kaminsky, a global diversity strategist, spoke on the business imperative to adapt to the realities of diversity in the ever-changing world of work and the unconscious biases that lead to detrimental decision making – providing the steps necessary to ensure that organizations stay ahead of the curve. Thereafter, an employer panel with representatives from TELUS, BioTalent Canada and Ampco Manufacturers discussed successful practices they use to integrate immigrant talent into their workplaces.

2016 Employer Forum Final Report

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The 2016 Employer Forum was an employer-facing event targeting hiring managers and HR professionals.