Op-ed: Now is not the time to lose faith in immigration because Canada cannot prosper without it

In case you missed it, IEC-BC CEO Patrick Mackenzie and TRIEC CEO Gillian Mason published an opinion-editorial in the Toronto Star on May 27 arguing that Canada cannot grow without newcomers’ skills and ambition.

Polls this year have shown that public support for immigration among Canadians has wavered. But with our demographic profile growing older by the day, the country needs more than ever to recruit talented people to grow our economy and maintain living standards.

With our immigration system having long been a successful example for other countries to emulate, there is much worth keeping. Still, Patrick and Gillian argue for improvements that will better integrate newcomers, respond more quickly to labour market demand from employers, and help ensure our housing, healthcare, and infrastructure keep up.

With the competition for global talent heating up as other advanced economies face similar demographic headwinds, it is time to improve our system and continue our track record of success.

Read the full piece here.

(Image courtesy of the Toronto Star)