IEC-BC’s Impact in 2021-2022: Innovation and Expansion of IEC-BC’s Program to Prepare Newcomers for the Future of Work

As we look back on our progress in IEC-BC’s 2021-2022 Annual Report, workplaces have changed dramatically during this time.  We faced global challenges that emphasized the need for organizations to improve our communities and create long-lasting and meaningful change for the future. As a result, during the last fiscal year, IEC-BC has taken significant steps to ensure continued growth and innovation in our programs that reflect the evolving needs of the community and broader collective.

As highlighted throughout the report, we continue to explore growth and impact opportunities with organizations that create value for the communities we serve. Building relationships with organizations that share aligned values allows us to expand our impact in the community, and we are committed to sharing our resources with all who can benefit.

Read our full 2021-2022 Annual Report to learn more about the impact our programs have had on immigrant employment outcomes.