IEC-BC to Create an Advisory Group

Recent employer sector dialogues, roundtables and focus groups have highlighted the deeper challenges that employers face when attracting, hiring, onboarding and retaining newcomers.

In an effort to help BC employers find innovative solutions to tap into immigrant talent to meet the province’s labour-force needs now and in the coming years, IEC-BC is creating an Advisory Group.

Its primary objectives are:

·         To inform the development of future program offerings from IEC-BC, as well as provide input to improve its current offerings.

·         To develop key recommendations for IEC-BC and different levels of government to address immigrant employment issues.

·         To increase employers’ ability to tap into the newcomer talent pool and create more inclusive workplaces.

·         To become ambassadors for newcomer workplace integration.

The group will meet 2-3 times a year, and will be comprised of HR and other professionals who will provide their expert input on ways to boost employer engagement and develop relevant IEC-BC learning resources/tools.

Interested in becoming part of the Advisory Group? Please contact Hanif Ladha, Employer Relations Manager, at