How IEC-BC Used LinkedIn to Amplify Voices of Our Partners in Business and Community

Over the years, LinkedIn has proven to be a valuable tool for IEC-BC. Our LinkedIn has grown alongside the organization as we have expanded our program offerings. Our community of followers currently stands at five thousand and growing. 5K: employers, new immigrants, and supporters who believe in IEC-BC’s mission of building BC’s economy through integrating immigrants into the labour market. Thanks to you and your community, we have made it this far.

As an employer-focused organization, our LinkedIn page has been our vital source of connecting with employers, service delivery partners, community partners and friends of IEC-BC. This community has allowed us to engage, learn and understand the challenges our partners are facing in British Columbia. Our community partners and SDPs we thank you for your contributions. By using LinkedIn as a channel to elevate our partnerships, it allows us to highlight to followers the significant amount of time and resources these organizations have invested in championing the necessary programs and resources to create a more equitable labour market.  We have utilized LinkedIn to share messages of support for our partners throughout every major cultural event, including most recently, COVID-19. The pandemic forced IEC-BC to figure out new ways to be there for our partners and continue to deliver programs in new innovative ways.

Our LinkedIn audience comprises two distinct segments, with three-quarters of our followers evenly split between entry level and senior executives. In addition, the majority of our five thousand followers are in British Columbia, demonstrating our reach to immigrants and employers in our target region. Our audience also covers many different fields of work, from program and project management to information technology to business development, with no one field consisting of more than 10% of our audience. We are immensely proud to have been the conduit to bring together many diverse groups to form a community, much like IEC-BC’s programs have done in real life.

LinkedIn has become a means to facilitate dialogue between employers, community partners, SDPs, government, and new immigrants. It allows us to share relevant content from external news sources and partners directly to an already engaged audience interested in the issues facing Canadian immigrants seeking employment. We enthusiastically encourage our employer allies and community partners to share the news with IEC-BC, tag us and will continue to empower them by sharing their content with our audience.

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