Employer Playbook: Strategies for Immigrant Inclusion in Canadian Workplaces.

Leveraging the expertise and best practices developed by members of the #ImmigrantsWork coalition, the Employer Playbook is intended to provide easy-to-implement strategies that support your efforts to:

  •       Recruit the best candidates to see your organization through this turbulent time
  •       Add diverse perspectives that support your company’s resilience
  •       Foster an inclusive workplace in which your existing immigrant employees can thrive

The inclusion of diverse perspectives is a powerful enabler of business performance. Immigrants make up a quarter of Canada’s workforce, and in the coming years immigration is expected to account for 100 percent of labour force growth. Economic recovery relies on the ability of our businesses to adapt; investing in building an immigrant-inclusive workplace will help ensure future workforce resilience.

Who is this Playbook for? 

  • Canadian employer, HR, and industry- or sector-specific associations
  • Canadian employers: private, public, and non-profit
  • Immigrant-serving organizations
  • Employment agencies
  • Workforce development and planning agencies
  • Economic developers

Download the Playbook to access the actionable strategies and tips for each stage of the employment cycle.

The #ImmigrantsWork coalition formed to use our collective voice to promote the value of immigrants in Canada’s labour market as businesses respond to and recover from the pandemic. The coalition comprises eight organizations with decades of experience helping employers leverage the education, skills, and experience of immigrant talent in their workplaces. The #ImmigrantsWork coalition members include:

You can also access this playbook from the https://iecc.network/.