Rania Younes

Rania is the National Network Project Manager. She brings solid experience in guiding and leading program design and development in the newcomer employment and career advancement space. Through her experience working closely with immigrant professionals and employers alike, she brings a systemic approach to the forefront, articulating and drawing upon user experiences to develop effective and engaging strategies. Rania has over 17 years of progressive marketing experience, which has taken her to positions in global and leading local marketing and advertising companies where she excelled in areas of expertise in strategic planning, brand positioning, market research and analysis, new market penetration and business analysis.

Rania strongly believes that when immigrants proposer we all prosper, and with that belief rooted in her community work, she co-founded WelcomeHomeTO, a grassroots initiative that works closely with local community groups to articulate and bring attention to settlement challenges and opportunities, envisioning a dynamic settlement network where all newcomers are welcomed with open hearts and minds, and supported to reach their highest potential for a stronger Canada.