Onboarding Syrian Refugees: A Toolkit for Employers

Are you looking to effectively recruit, hire, onboard and retain a diverse workforce that includes Syrian refugees? IEC-BC has released Onboarding Refugees: A Toolkit for Employers .The Toolkit is designed to increase employers’ knowledge of culturally sensitive hiring and retention practices, as well as boost their ability to create more inclusive workplaces.

The Toolkit offers information, guidelines, best practices and tips for successful onboarding strategies and tactics in multiple workplace environments. And while the focus is on Syrian refugees, many of the resources from the Toolkit could be applied to any newcomer group.

Major highlights include suggestions on how to prepare your workforce to welcome refugees, create a welcome and safe environment, offer reasonable accommodation measures and provide language support. The publication also includes a series of “how-to’s” on conducting culturally sensitive interviews, setting effective mutual expectations,  establishing a buddy system, as well as the best practices for communicating and providing feedback.