Onboarding Newcomers: A Toolkit for BC Employers

IEC-BC has published a new resource to help employers effectively connect with immigrant talent. “Onboarding Newcomers: A Toolkit for BC Employers,” which is available in English and in French, builds a business case for diversity and inclusion, and outlines easy, proactive human resource strategies to hire and retain global talent.

The Toolkit includes sections on employer branding and sourcing talent, as well as on ways to address unconscious biases and assess candidates’ competencies. It provides tips and recommendations on supporting diversity in language and accommodating special requests. It also discusses the steps that are necessary to create a sense of belonging for the new employees. A Religious Observances Calendar included in the new publication features religious holidays’ dates, general practices and accommodations for April 2018 – March 2019.

Onboarding Newcomers Toolkit ENGLISH

Onboarding Newcomers Toolkit FRENCH