BIO: Rob Mingay

Rob Mingay was appointed as Assistant Deputy Minister of the Public Sector Employers Council Secretariat on July 8, 2013.  Before that he was a senior advisor to government reporting through the Deputy Minister of Corporate Priorities and Planning, and the CEO of the PSEC Secretariat. In September 2014 he was appointed Assistant Deputy Minister Workforce Development Division, Ministry and Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training.  In September 2015, Rob assumed responsibility for the Immigration Policy Branch and was appointed Assistant Deputy Minister, Workforce Development and Immigration Division; and in July 2017, he assumed responsibility for the Major Investments Office and was appointed Assistant Deputy Minister, Workforce, Immigration and Major Investments Division.  He is also the Executive Director of the Workforce Development Advisory Group.

Rob played a significant role during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games providing technical production at all the mountain venues. In all, Rob worked with VANOC on various games events for four years before and during the games.

He ran the western operations as senior vice president, Government Policy Consultants (GPC) after they purchased his company, Profile BC. He represented the public policy interests of both public and private sector organizations.

Rob Mingay has worked with governments across Canada for over 25 years. These include the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba and Yukon.

Rob has taken professional chefs training and has caddied part-time for Brooke Henderson on the Ladies Professional Golf Tour.

Rob’s interest in the public service came after a failed career as a drummer.